What’s new – February to May 2016

We have done research for the Morley Branch of the British Legion to help organise Commemorations on the Centenary of the death of men who died while in service during the Great War and who are buried in local cemeteries.

Relatives of Edgar Foster and Councillors by his grave
Relatives of Edgar Foster and Councillors by his grave

Since the end of January, the following Commemorations have been held :
30-January-2016: Pte Maurice Fowler
4-February-201: Pte Willie Lupton
12-February-2016: Pte Joseph Handley
16-March-2016: Pte Walter Dodson
23-May-2016: Able Seaman Edgar Foster

Recently, YourMorley, the local on-line newspaper published a summary of these and you can read that here:

Some modifications and additions have been made to the lists of names on the Morley War Memorial.

We have organised tours of the Town Hall for several Morley Primary Schools  and this can be done for any group who would like to see inside this fine building. Please contact us with your request, through the Contact form .

A spreadsheet containing the names of people who served on the council of the Borough of Morley (1886-1974) has been added. You are invited to send us further information on the people listed.

Photos have been added to various Galleries from the donations of Beryl Sykes, Margaret Sadler and Joe Morris. They have been tagged with the name of the donor.