John Barstow – Morley’s Crimean Vetran

John Barstow - Crimean Veteran

John Barstow – Crimean Veteran

1908c. Note that the name is spelled incorrectly. Taken from a newpaper. It is possible that this was a Morley Observer issue in July 1908 when the same photo was published as a tribute to Mr Barstow. John Barstow was born in Gomersall in 1838. He joined the Chatham Division of the Royal Marines in 1854. During the Crimean War he took part in the battles of Balaclava, Sebastopol and Inkerman. He was present at the Charge of the Light Brigade and although he did not take part in this he was awarded the Bar of Balaclava. He also received the Crimean and Turkish mdeals. In the trenches of Inkerman, he lost all the toes of both feet due to frost bite. He died in May 1915 and was given a military funeral.