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torches Olympic flame in Morley
We are trying to compile a photographic record of the Olympic flame passing through Morley on Monday 25 June 2012. Do you have a picture or pictures which we could include? If you can help, please use this link for more information by email. Do not attach pictures or edit the message, just click Send.
me_coop_logo Morley Co-op 1869 – 1982
Members of Morley History Society, with the help of the people of Morley, are compiling a history of the Morley Co-operative Society from its humble beginnings to its eventual demise in June 1982.They are collecting memories of shopping, eating and entertainment, of working in shops both sides of Albion Street, or ‘Co-op’ Street as it was called, and t’ emporium, also the area through the archway where many activities and trades were carried out. There were 19 branches in Morley, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Thorpe, Tingley, Churwell and Troydale – all small ‘empires’ in their own right. If you can contribute any memories to this project, please contact us through the Enquiries page.

Co-op logo is a sheaf of corn, spade, words ‘labour and wait’ high above Candyman shop

Churwell Isolation Hospital
If you have any information about, or photographs of the isolation (or smallpox) hospital at Churwell, we would appreciate it if you would please contact us.
land_army Land Army
Do you have any information about the activities of the women’s Land Army in WWII, such as where they were based in the Morley area?
george_wood George Wood
Has anyone got any biographical details about this man who wrote a History of Morley in 1916 whilst he was the Headmaster at Peel St School within the town. Birth? Death?
Minolta DSC John Hill
Any biographical details on this man, who was Mayor of Morley in 1890-91, would be appreciated
casket_2 Freedom caskets
Caskets similar to the one on the left were presented to Freemen of the Borough. Do you know the present whereabouts of any of them?
pretty_lane Pretty Lane
This picture was taken around 1900, but the road is not listed as in existence in 1905. Do you know where the lane was, or what is there now? Maybe Pretty Lane was the name it was known by locally, and it was officially something else. We know of a road nicknamed Pretty Windows Lane, but that name seems inappropriate for this picture.

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