Our Heritage

These are the collections in the Morley Archives.


These are the articles from the Morley Community Archives. Topics covered include churches, farming, commerce, parks and gardens, textile industry and many more. Some of the topcis are being prepared for publication.

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Facts about Morley covering local farms, mayors and magistrates, buildings and monuments, inns and public houses, the Rhubarb Triangle and Stained Glass Windows.

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Galleries include the 40 postcards and photographs from the 1800's to the present day.

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The maps include the former rail network around Morley, the location of the various Morley textile mills.

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These are the collection poems by Robert Dennis, the Colin Holt Band.

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Time lines

Follow Morley's rich history from Domesday to the present day

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World War 1

Morley and the Great War We began a study of the effects of the Great War on the Community of Morley in late 2012 and these pages will show the type of work that has been done and the information that has been obtained.

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