The Battle of Adwalton Moor

The Battle of Adwalton Moor took place on 30 June 1643 during the middle of the English Civil War.

The graphic below shows the landscape and the forces which were involved.

Forces and Landscape at the Battle of Adwalton Moor
The forces and landscape at the Battle of Adwalton Moor

The Roundheads were defending Bradford and, despite inferior numbers, they put up a plucky, intelligent fight.

Eventually, Thomas Fairfax and his men had to retreat and he managed to lead some of them to Hull.

However, he was able to return in 1644 with Oliver Cromwell and an army of Scottish supporters who had joined the Roundheads. Together they inflicted a crushing defeat on the Royalists at Marston Moor.

The graphic has been copied (and slightly modified) from David Johnson’s book ‘Adwalton Moor –  1643’, Blackthorn Press, 2003. We thank him and his publisher for permission to use it here.


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