An impression of work in the mills



Rags, Bags,
More, More,
Waste, Haste!

Oil, Toil,
Wheels Whirring,
Belts Whirling,
Hoppers Feeding,
Greedy, Greedy.

Steel Mules Twining,
Wool Skeins Winding,
Turning, Turning.

Pickers Plying,
Shuttles Flying.
Young Men Heady,
Old Men Steady,

Bosses, Beamers, Burlers, Brooms,
Boxes, Baskets, Bobbins, Looms,
Tuners, Twisters, Tenters, Dyers,
Barrels, Boilers, oft-time Fires.

Coal, Steam, Soap, Vats,
Bands, Boilers, Bins, Cats.

Cloth, Mungo,
Running Watter,
Never Ending
Ending Never,
Over All
Endless Clatter!

Robert Dennis

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