1066 to 1649

World History Morley History
Battle of Hastings 1066
Domesday Book 1086 37 Towns recorded in Morley Wapentake by Domesday Book
1100 King Henry I granted Woodkirk the Right to hold Fairs twice a year.
Magna Carta 1215
1314 Harvest failed and Scots attacked Morley twice, staying once.
1322 St Mary’s Chapel destroyed by the Scots.
Wars of the Roses began 1455
Columbus discovers America 1492
1539 The Cell of Woodkirk sold by King Henry VIII
Francis Drake completes world voyage 1580 Howley Hall is built by Sir John Savile where he lives till his death.
Defeat of Spanish Armada 1588
Death of Queen Elizabeth I 1603
Gunpowder plot 1605
Death of William Shakespeare 1616
English Civil War began 1642
1643 Royalists besiege Howley Hall and defeat Roundheads at Battle of Adwalton Moor.

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