1900 to 1919

World History Morley History
  1900 Formal opening of Public Baths.
1900 Gildersome St Bernard’s station opened
Death of Queen Victoria 1901 Sewage Purification Works opened.
  1903 First Meeting of Education Committee on abolition of School Board
  1906 Morley Secondary (later Grammar) School commenced.
  1906 New fire station opened behind Town Hall
  1906 Library opened by Sir Hall Caine.
HH Asquith becomes Prime Minister 1908  
  1909 Morley Main Colliery closed.
  1911 Opening of the Morley tramway route to Leeds
  1911 Presentation of Scatcherd Park by Exors of the late Mr Oliver Scatcherd, J.P.
Titanic sinks on maiden voyage 1912  
  1913 Freedom of the Borough conferred on the Rt. Hon. H.H. Asquith, Prime Minister.
Start of World War I 1914  
Russian Revolution 1917 Charles Scarth bought and gave Morley Hall for use as a maternity hospital.

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