1650 to 1799

World History Morley History
1650 Old Chapel and Lands let to Morley by Earl of Sussex for 20/- pa
1663 Farnley Wood Plot fails
1664 Royal Coat of Arms set up in Nave of St Mary’s
  1683 Morley Hall built by Thomas Dawson
Newcomen invents steam pump for mines 1712  
  1720 The “Old Town’s School” is founded
John Kay invents loom with flying shuttle  1733  
  1747 John Wesley visits Morley for the first time
James Hargreaves invents spinning jenny  1764  
  1770 John Wesley visits Morley and a Methodist Chapel is erected.
Samuel Crompton invents spinning mule  1779  
Pitt the Younger becomes Prime Minister 1783  
Outbreak of French Revolution 1789  
  1790 Crank Mill, first woollen mill to use a steam engine, is erected.

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