1876 to 1889

World History Morley History
First two-way telephone conversation 1876 Foundation stone of St Mary’s in the Wood on site of Old Chapel
Thomas Edison patents gramophone 1878 Joseph Whitwell erects rhubarb forcing sheds
Education Act 1878
1879 First Morley school board elected
Thomas Edison patents electric light bulb 1880 General election of 452 voters: 271 Lib and 129 Con
First stone of Peel Street Schools laid 1880
1880 Morley market opened with big fete. Ben Worrall roasts bullock.
First Kodak camera 1881
1883 Morley Technical School opened.
1885 Morley Cemetery Consecrated.
1885 First Morley MP elected  – Milnes Gaskell (Lib) 6,684, Dunnington Jefferson (Con) 3,177
1885 Charter of Incorporation as a Borough granted.
1886 First Municipal Election
1886 First Meeting of Town Council
Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee 1887
English Football League established 1888


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