1800 to 1854

World History Morley History
1803 Birth of Titus Salt in the Manor House
Napoleon becomes Emperor of France. 1804
Battle of Trafalgar 1805
First passenger-carrying railway in England. 1825
1830 St Peter’s Church built, first Anglican church in Morley
1834 Gillroyd Mill is erected
Victoria becomes Queen 1837
Introduction of penny postage stamp 1840
Mines Act bans women and children from underground working. 1842
First effective Factory Act in Britain 1844
1846 First Stone of Morley Tunnel is laid, construction begun
UK cholera epidemic began, 53,000 deaths 1848 Morley Tunnel completed and Morley Low  and Churwell stations opened
1849 Cholera epidemic in Morley, 200 deaths
Public Libraries Act creates free lending libraries 1850
1852 Birth of H H Asquith in Morley
Start of Crimean War 1853
1854 Samuel Stead installs Morley’s first printing press

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