Councillors-Borough of Morley

List of Councillors

These data have been taken from information supplied by the Borough to councillors in their yearly diaries.

The Borough of Morley expanded in 1937 when the districts of Gildersome, Drighlington, East and West Ardsley joined it. In consequence, the Borough Council also expanded to taken in new councillors from these areas.
The first Councillors held office from 1-April-1886
Occupations: Given at a particular date when known.
End of term abbreviation: d-died; r-retired; Finish: Councillor was on the final council of the Borough of Morley in 1973-74.

SurnameFirst NamesElectedEndFinal DateOccupationWardTermsNotes
AinsworthGeorge Henry29 June 1961r24 May 1962Building Society Branch Manager [1961]Dartmouth
AisbettWilliam01 November 1925d09 September 1938Ironmonger [1934]South
AkeroydCyril Noble13 May 1954r23 May 1967Haulage Contractor and Coal Merchant [1954]DrighlingtonMayor
AlcockJohn William29 November 194512 May 1949Dyer [1946]Central
AldredMichael29 June 196704 May 1972Company Director [1972]North
AppleyardLeslie11 May 1961FinalLocal Government Officer [1961]Tingley
AppleyardWilliam Henry01 November 193001 November 1936Woollen Manufacturer [1932]South
ArmitageGeorge01 November 194501 November 1947Leatherworker [1946]Churwell
ArmitageThomas Gill1-Nov-1891d17 July 1900Landlord, Fleece Inn [1891-Census]Churwell
AskeyJames01 November 1919d16 February 1951Miner [1923]SouthMayor; service interrupted when he lost his seat
AspdenPercy04 May 1972FinalTransport Operative [1973]Denshaw
AsquithJames Henry23 June 194910 May 1956Textile Engineer [1954]South
AstillFrederick01 November 194711 May 1951
AtackAlan04 February 195411 May 1967Clerk [1954]Churwell
AveyardCharles Arthur Rex07 May 1970FinalArea Wages Supervisor [1973]Tingley
AveyardPeter Charles09 May 196813 May 1971
BainesGeorge Edwin01 November 190101 November 1907Cloth ManufacturerCentral
BarkerBrian Baines07 May 1959FinalWoollen Manufacturer [1964]DartmouthMayor
BarkerBrian Bradley01 November 1902d23 March 1948Cloth Manufacturer [1915]Mayor
BarkerHenry1-Apr-18861-Nov-1887Butcher [1886]Central
BarkerJames1-Apr-1886d1-Dec-1896Cloth Manufacturer [1886]South
BarkerJames02 November 1936r14 May 1964Woollen Manufacturer [1946]SouthMayor
BarkerStanley29 November 194501 November 1947Railway Locomotive Fireman [1946]East Ardsley
BarnesHarry01 November 1945d31 March 1957Schoolmaster [1946]DrighlingtonMayor
BarnesMarguerite Louise10 May 195607 May 1959Married to Harry Barnes
BarracloughHarold24 April 1948d04 February 1956Master Builder [1954]North
BarronTom1-Apr-18861-Nov-1890Cloth Manufacturer [1886]South
BarrowcloughEdwin01 November 1912d09 January 1942Foreman Platelayer [1923]CentralMayor
BastowMary Jane08 May 1952d07 June 1969Warper [1954]SouthMayor
BellwoodLeonard11 May 1950r21 May 1951
BenfieldJohn12 May 196012 May 1966Butcher [1961]Dartmouth
BewickRobert?Joiner & Carpenter [1961]East Ardsley
BinksJohn Samuel11 May 1961FinalBuilding Contractor [1961]GildersomeMayor
BinksJohn Walter24-Apr-1894d12 April 1905Joiner and Builder [1902]
Blackburn Oswald Bowness01 November 194711 May 1950
BoldersonArnold08 May 195212 May 1955Loom Tuner [1954]South
BoothAlfred01 April 1903r31 January 1943
BoothErnest08 May 1952r28 November 1953
BotherasWilliam Stuart Jackson02 November 1908r01 August 1928Licensed Victualler [1915]Churwell
BradleyHumphrey1-Nov-1890d1-Aug-1892Mill Owner
BradleyHumphrey Akeroyd29 November 193410 May 1956Woollen Manufacturer [1946]SouthMayor
BrewsterHarry13 May 1954d24 July 1968Engineer [1954]SouthMayor
BriggsSamuel01 November 1947d20 December 1949
BroadbentBen Webster11 May 1961FinalCompany Director [1961]Gildersome
BrookHenry Armitage10 May 195609 May 1968Club Steward [1961]Birks
BrookKenneth09 May 1957FinalBlacksmith [1964]Central
BrookeAubrey Ogden08 May 196904 May 1972Schoolmaster [1972]BirksChief Magistrate when the local court closed
BrownCharles Stuart01 November 190901 November 1919Accountant [1915]North
BuckleyPhilip19 September 190401 November 1919Consulting Engineer [1915]SouthQuery: Died in office?
BundleFrederick1-Nov-1893d24/10/1906 -08Principal of College [1902]ChurwellQuery date of death: 1908?
BurtonArthur Angell14 February 190201 November 1924Solicitor [1923]South
ButteryThomas Albert1-Nov-1899d16 October 1935Architect [1923]CentralMayor
CarlineWilliam10 May 195611 May 1961
ChapmanJoseph Andrew01 November 190001 November 1909Farmer [1902]North
ClaytonAnne30 March 1950r26 May 1964Widow [1954]GildersomeMayor
CleggJames24 October 192901 November 1933Miner [1932]Central
CleggJohn1-Apr-18861-Nov-1899Builder [1886]Central2: 1886-1889; 1896-1899
CleggSamuel Sykes01 November 190401 November 1924Pawnbroker [1923]Central2; Gap:1-Nov-22-25-Nov-22
CloughHarold04 April 1936r01 February 1939
CloughThomas1-Apr-1886d06 January 1902Stone Quarry owner [1886]AldermanMayor
CoatesSam Atkinson01 November 194625 May 1961Cooperative Society's Secretary [1946]Drighlington
ConboyJames Patrick11 May 196707 May 1970
ConboyThomas01 November 193301 November 1936Foreman Coal Washer [1936]South
CooksonJames Arthur01 November 191301 November 1920Licensed Victualler [1915]North
CopseyHenry20 February 191501 November 1934Railway Employee [1915]Central
CorfieldGerald James13 May 1965FinalSchool Teacher [1973]East Ardsley
CravenHarry1-Nov-189101 November 1902Draper [1894]Churwell2; Gap:1-Nov-1895-1-Nov-1899
CrowtherPercy James07 April 190501 November 1927
CurlessLeslie Alexander12 May 1966FinalDecorator [1973]Churwell
DanceAllen Thistleton01 November 194721 May 1970Passed British Railways Fireman [1954] East ArdsleyMayor
DarringtonRonald04 May 1972FinalService Engineer [1973]West Ardsley
DaviesManuel25 June 195221 May 1970Motor Engineer [1954]East Ardsley
DewsJohn01 April 1933d17 March 1961Railway Clerk [1946]East ArdsleyMayor; Start: East Ardsley Council.
DickinsonDavid01 November 192309 November 1945Woollen Manufacturer [1932]CentralMayor
DilcockMervyn Roy08 May 196904 May 1972Bank Official [1972]West Ardsley
DixonErnest24 November 1937d09 November 1949Grocer [1946]
DixonJohn1-Apr-188601 November 1900Farmer-Valuer [1886]Alderman2:1886-r:1894; 1894-1900Mayor
DixonMaurice Longley04 April 190501 November 1930Cloth Manufacturer [1923]South
DixonSheila26 August 1971FinalDistrict Nurse [1973]Central
DodsworthHerbert11 May 1950r14 July 1957Willeyer [1954]Central
ElliottMichael Terence08 May 1969FinalSchool Teacher [1973]Tingley
ElliottRonald09 May 196312 May 1966Wire Polisher [1964]Birks
EllisonThomas Benjamin01 July 194201 November 1945
EmmsJames01 November 190601 November 1912
FairburnGeorge02 March 1938d19 October 1942
FarrarSidney12 May 194908 May 1953
FaulksGordon Philip?1957?Baker and Confectioner [1954]Churwell
FawcettJack29 June 196904 May 1972Foreman [1961]Gildersome
FawcettJames Arthur12 May 1960d22 May 1971Civil Servant [1961]Denshaw
FentemanJohn Robert13 May 1971FinalBus Driver [1973]Denshaw
FinniganLawrence Joseph11 May 1950r07 May 1964Clerk [1954]ChurwellMayor
FirthGeorge Albert01 November 19101-Nov-1912 [1913?]
FishWilliam Henry01 November 19011-Nov-1908 [1904?]Carting Agent [1902]Central
FlemingThomas22 November 19061-Nov-1908 - query
FosterOliver18891902Cloth Manufacturer
FoxcroftRichard Leslie30 April 194725 May 1961Licensed Victualler [1954]North
FraserJane Pedon19 April 1937d31 May 1945First female councillor
FrostCharles Edmund01 November 1913dec,vac03 February 1915
GannonErnest01 November 1945r16 June 1952Railway Goods Clerk [1946]East Ardsley
GauntEli19-Oct-189901 November 19012; Gap:1-Nov-1901-19-Jun-1902
GledhillJohn01 November 191901 November 1935Market Gardener [1932]North
GloverAlbert26-Nov-189401 November 1913Cloth Manufacturer [1902]2; Gap:8-Aug-1904-18-May-1911
GloverSam01 November 191201 November 1919Cloth Manufacturer [1915]North
GomersallClifford02 April 190501 November 1922
GrahamJoseph23 November 1903r06 March 1918Chimney Sweeper [1915]Churwell
GrayKathleen16 July 1970FinalSpinster [1973]Dartmouth
GrayshonArthur Newton01 November 194713 May 1954
GrayshonHiram28 March 1931d23 February 1938
GreenBarbara09 May 196813 May 1971
GreenJohn Wood03 April 190501 November 1923Tripe Dresser [1923]Central
Green James Edward26 September 195711 May 1961
GregoryGrace10 May 195611 May 1961
HaighJoseph1-Nov-1892d03 April 1911Colliery Owner [1894]South3 or 4 termsMayor. Died in office
HallBertie01 November 193701 November 1946
HallEric23 June 194913 May 1954
HammersleyKathleen04 May 1972FinalWidow [1973]Central
HargreavesHarold01 December 1960FinalCompany Director [1961]Dartmouth
HarropJoseph01 November 1912r02 October 1929Rag & Mungo Merchant [1923]CentralMayor
HartleyAlbert26 September 1929d11 October 1947Building Contractor [1932]South
HartleyJohn28 February 19051-Nov-1894Cloth Manufacturer [1894]Central
HaworthRichard03 April 194001 November 1945
HaydnBernard06 December 1951FinalCoach Painter [1954]West ArdsleyMayor
HeatonFrederick06 March 191801 November 1919
HemingwayAlfred25 June 195207 May 1959Warehouseman [1954]Central
HepworthBenjamin Peel29-Jun-1891r08 December 1944Cloth Manufacturer [1894]NorthMayor; Freeman
HepworthClara Elizabeth24 March 1949r21 May 1970Spinster [1954]NorthMayor
HepworthWilliam Baines01 November 192201 November 1945Cloth Dyer [1923]ChurwellMayor
HewittEdward04 May 1972FinalSales Engineer [1973]East Ardsley
HillGeorge Wilfred11 May 1951r03 October 1960Mill ManagerSouth
HillJohn1-Apr-18861-Nov-1891Cashier [1886]AldermanMayor
HillWilliam01 November 192201 November 1934Gentleman [1922]North
HirstBenjamin1-Apr-1886d22 June 1903Rag Merchant [1886]South
HoltonWilliam1-Apr-18861-Nov-1897Cloth Manufacturer [1886]North
HorsfallAlfred01 November 1934d10 February 1949Woollen Manufacturer [1946]NorthMayor - Died in office
HorsfallHarold29 June 1967FinalMaster Joiner [1973]Drighlington
HorsfallJames Theaker1-Nov-1894d19 March 1927Cloth Manufacturer [1923]2; Gap:1-Nov-1903-23-Nov-1903
HorsfallOliver1-Nov-1889d18-May-1902 queryCloth Manufacturer [1894]Central
HorsnailFrancis Edward09 May 196813 May 1971School master
HowardEdward Wrigley13 May 1971FinalCompany Secretary [1973]Drighlington
IlesMichael George04 May 1972FinalUniversity Administrator [1973]Birks
InghamWilliam23-Nov-189101 November 1903Flock Merchant [1894]
IngleLawrence Arthur01 November 192101 November 1930Leather Manufacturer [1923]Churwell
IngleWilliam Horsfall01 November 194620 May 1952Leather Manufacturer [1946]ChurwellDied early April 1976, aged 62
IngleWilliam Law09 November 190001 November 1921Currier [1915]2; Gap:9-Nov-1906-23-Nov-1908Mayor; Freeman
InglebyPercy07 May 1953r02 November 1965Secretary [1954]North
InmanJohn Graham09 May 196813 May 1971
JacksonEdward1-Nov-18911-Nov-1894Cloth Manufacturer [1894]Central
JacksonHarry16 March 1939r19 August 1943
JohnsonGeorge1-Apr-1886d19-Jul-1899Builder and Brick Manufacturer [1886]CentralMayor
JohnsonSydney Clark02 April 190501 November 1928Cloth Manufacturer [1923]North
JowettAlbert01 April 1920d02 May 1944
JowettAllen Hale19 March 193201 November 1945Gentleman [1936]Central
JowettWilliam Henry1-Nov-1894d23 September 1920Gentleman [1915]Central2; Gap:1-Nov-1912-26-Nov-1912
KellsSam07 May 1970FinalManager [1973]North
KempJoseph05 August 1942r25 January 1960Poultry Farmer and Egg Packer [1946]Drighlington
KendallJohn George1-Nov-18931-Nov-1896Check Weighman [1894]NorthQuery: First Socialist councillor?
KenyonJohn1-Nov-1887d12-Mar-1894GrocerCentral2; Gap:1-Nov-1890-2-Feb-1893
KinseyEnos01 November 1927r02 March 1932Miner [1932]Central
KirkJoseph09 October 190530 October 1931Cloth Manufacturer [1923]2; Gap:1-Nov-1912-4-Jul-1913Mayor
KirkbyErnest02 November 190801 November 1937Butcher [1923]Mayor
LasseyJoseph01 November 193423 May 1949Retired Railwayman [1936]Churwell
LeathleyHarold09 May 1957d26 September 1970Company Representative [1963]Tingley
LewisVictor Emmanuel01 November 1946r29 September 1947Minister of Religion [1946]Central
LindleyGrace Mary12 May 196012 May 1966Housewife [1961]Birks
ListerBrian13 May 1971FinalComputer Systems Manager [1973]Tingley
ListerJoyce16 July 1970FinalDistrict Nurse [1973]West Ardsley
ListerRobert William09 May 1957r02 October 1958
LobleyJoseph1-Nov-18931-Nov-1896Working-Man [1894]South
LodgeErnest02 February 195025 May 1961Weaving Overlooker [1954]GildersomeMayor
LongbottomAbraham03 April 1919d11 June 1942
LordWilliam01 November 1902dec vac08 August 1904
MalthouseKenneth James08 May 1969FinalNewsagent [1973]Gildersome
MarkbyHerbert01 November 1924d27 March 1925
MarsdenDouglas10 May 196209 May 1968Textile Worker [1964]North
MarsdenErnest28 March 193009 November 1945
MarsdenJames1-Nov-189401 November 1911Farmer [1902]Central2; Gap:1-Nov-1909-25-Nov-1909
MarshallMilton07 April 193401 November 1945
MarshallPercy01 November 1911d10 January 1933Warp Dresser [1923]Mayor
MarshallThomas Arthur04 February 1910d01 September 1945Cloth Manufacturer [1923]NorthMayor
MarshallThomas Ezra30 January 194510 May 1956Woollen Manufacturer [1946]North
MarshallWalter Philemon19 August 190301 November 1908
MarwoodHedley01 November 1935r13 July 1942Grocer's AssistantNorth
McCutcheonWilliam Thomas16 May 192501 November 1933Medical Practitioner [1932]South
MercerThomas25 June 195207 May 1953
MiddlebrookSir William15-Sep-189201 November 1921Solicitor [1894]SouthMayor;
MillsDuncan11 May 1967FinalClerk [1973]East Ardsley
MilneArchibald01 November 1930d22 April 1938Grocer [1932]Churwell
MitchellTom29 November 194512 May 1949Seak Worker [1946]Churwell
MongerWilliam Jackson12 May 194908 May 1952School MasterChurwell
MortimerFrederick Gomersall16-Nov-18911-Nov-1895General Draper [1894]North
MossDennis01 November 192001 November 1945Cloth Finisher [1923]SouthMayor
MurphyJames25 June 1958r10 May 1962General Practitioner [1961]East Ardsley
NaylorEdward02 December 194201 November 1946
NicholsonJohn Henry10 May 195611 May 1967Decorator [1961]North
NutterHarry Wright29 June 1967FinalWholesale Grocery Rep. [1973]Dartmouth
OakesTom1-Nov-1898d10 January 1902
ParkerArthur Rhodes23 June 1955FinalCompany Representative [1961]DrighlingtonMayor
ParkerRonald07 May 1953FinalLoom Tuner [1954]GildersomeMayor
PawsonDavid1-Apr-18861-Nov-1890Quarry owner [1886]South
PearsonHenry26-Nov-1894d20 September 1906Stone MasonMayor; Died in office
PumphreyRobert Wilfred26 November 193221 May 1970Railwayman [1954]CentralMayor
RaganMichael07 May 1964r05 April 1972Company RepresentativeCentral2; Gap:10-Aug-1965-13-May-1971
RankinHarold10 May 195608 May 1958
RawlinsonJohn01 November 194512 May 1949Accounts Clerk [1946]South
RaynerJack12 May 196009 May 1963Confectioner & Tobacconist [1961]Central
ReddyhoffErnest Wilfred12 May 196604 May 1972Engineering DraughtsmanEast Ardsley
RedheadTom01 November 194501 November 1947Textile Operative [1946]North
RedickThomas02 April 1927d17 December 1961Store Manager [1946]DrighlingtonMayor; On the original Drighlington Council.
RhodesHarold27 October 191501 November 1938Cloth Manufacturer [1923]NorthMayor. Sworn in during the War.
RhodesJoseph01 November 193407 May 1964Retired Director of Education [1954]Query: Interruption ca 1945?Mayor
RhodesPeter12 May 194910 May 1956Woollen Manufacturer [1954]North
RhodesSamuel1-Apr-188601 November 1917Cloth Manufacturer [1886]NorthMayor
RhodesWilliam Sutherland1-Apr-1886d19-Feb-1895Mill Owner [1886]Central2: 1886-1889; 1890-death
RileyBenjamin01 November 193301 November 1936Newsagent & Confectioner [1936]Churwell
RileyMatthew21-Apr-1886d02 June 1913Licensed Victualler [1886]North2: 1886-1894;1897-1913
RobertsJames01 April 192001 November 1945Mayor; On the original Ardsley Council
RogersonGeorge10 May 1956FinalSlater and Tiler [1961]Mayor
RogersonJesse01 November 194710 May 1956Slater and Tiler [1954]North
RoseDenys26 September 1968FinalCompany Director [1973]Gildersome
RoughleyRichard04 September 1969FinalMiner [1973]Denshaw
RowntreeCharles Fairham01 November 194501 November 1946
RuddockTom01 November 1923r06 March 1940Butcher [1932]Churwell
RushforthSamuel03 April 191501 November 1945Brick manufacturerDrighlington
SandersonJack29 June 1961d08 May 1973Storekeeper [1961]Drighlington
SayerGeorge01 April 193510 May 1956Retired Blast Furnaceman [1946]East ArdsleyOn the original Ardsley Council
ScargillDennis12 May 194608 May 1969
ScargillRufus01 November 194512 May 1949Railway Man [1946]Central
ScarthCharles1-Apr-1886d03 February 1921Cloth Manufacturer [1886]NorthMayor
ScatcherdOliver1-Apr-1886d16 September 1905Solicitor [1886]North2: 1886-1897; 29Nov1897-deathMayor
SchofieldCynthia Helen10 May 195612 May 1960
SchofieldJoseph1-Apr-18861-Nov-1894Cloth Manufacturer [1886]MayorMayor
ScholesDavid William1-Nov-1896d08 September 1915Cloth ManufacturerSouth [1902]2; Gap:1-Nov-1902-6-Aug-1903
ScholesEdward Fletcher1-Apr-1886d25-Nov-1896Cloth Manufacturer [1886]South
SeedGeorge01 April 1902d21 February 1939GildersomeOn the original Gildersome Council
SeniorRichard Brian07 May 195913 May 1971Salesman [1961]TingleyMayor
SheldonGeorge01 November 190601 November 1912
SimpsonBen01 November 191301 November 1945National Insurance Clerk [1915]South
SinglewoodClarence07 May 195909 May 1968Printer's Compositor [1961]West Ardsley
SmithHarold27 October 191509 November 1945Rag & Mungo Manufacturer [1923]Mayor. Sworn in during the War.
SmithHorace Malcolm01 November 1945FinalAccounts Clerk [1946]South2; Gap:May-68-7-May-70Mayor
SmithJohn HenryQueryd17 September 1915Cloth Manufacturer [1894]South3:1886-1894;1900-1912; 1912-1915
SmithNorman07 May 195312 May 1960Driver Billposter [1954]Central
SmithWilliam Henry29-Nov-189701 November 1900
SnowdenHerbert01 November 194619 May 1958Coal Miner [1946]Central
SowdenJohn09 May 195708 May 1958
SpruceMaurice Godfrey04 May 195809 May 1968Sales Representative [1961]Denshaw
StaffordStephen01 November 1937r15 January 1942
StandevenArnold12 May 1966FinalHeadmaster [1973]Dartmouth
SteadRobert01 November 1938r01 October 1944
StephensonHarry192101 November 1924Solicitor [1923]South
StintonCharles01 November 1945r06 March 1957Railwayman [1946]West Ardsley
StockdaleJohn01 November 1904r09 November 1921Cloth Manufacturer [1915]SouthMayor
StockdaleSamuel1-Apr-1886d12-Aug-1899Cloth Manufaturer [1886]CentralMayor
StockwellEdward1-Apr-18861-Nov-1892Cloth Manufacturer [1886]AldermanMayor
StricklandRuth09 October 195207 May 1959HousewifeWest Ardsley
SykesAlfred1-Nov-1891 - Queryd28-Sep-18992; Gap:1-Nov-1893-1-Nov-1896
SykesFrank01 November 194521 May 1970Trade Union Organiser [1946]West ArdsleyMayor
SykesWalter Oldfield01 November 1907d04 January 1910
TaffinderKathleen04 May 1972FinalWidow [1973]North
TaylorAbraham14 February 190201 November 1907Chemist [1902]North
TealeGeoffrey12 May 1966FinalInventory Controller [1973]North2; Gap:1969-13-May-1971
Teale - query spellingRobert Jackson1-Nov-18951-Nov-1898
TempestSydney15 October 1932d17 February 1950Speculative Builder [1936]North
TetleyGeorge Smith29-Nov-189701 November 1934Tobacconist [1923]Churwell
TetleyJoseph Eric07 May 1964FinalFarmer [1973]Churwell
ThackrayDavid1-Apr-18861-Nov-1891Blacksmith [1886]AldermanMayor
ThompsonJohn01 November 1945r30 March 1957Textile Worker [1946]Central
ThorntonEdith13 May 1965FinalHousewife [1973]Churwell
TigheFrank09 July 196413 May 1971Foreman Plasterer [1964]Central
TomlinsonAlfred9-Apr-1896d25 July 1903Gentleman [1902]Central2; Gap:1-Nov-1897-1-Nov-1899
TomlinsonJoseph01 November 194607 May 1953Clerk [1946]Gildersome
TomlinsonMillicent Hasleham01 November 194501 November 1947Married Woman [1946]Central
TothamGeorge29 June 1961FinalWholesale Confectioner [1961]Drighlington
TrowsdaleStanley10 May 1951FinalFurniture Salesman [1973]Churwell2: 10-May-51-?; 8-May-1958-FinalMayor
TunstallJoseph04 February 194212 May 1949Gentleman [1946]North
VerityReta07 May 1970FinalHousewife [1973]Gildersome
WadeNoel Llewellyn29 November 194508 May 1952Locomotive Engine Driver [1946]East Ardsley
WakelinGeorge01 November 1920r23 May 1949Tailor & Outfitter [1923]Central
WalkerVera10 May 196213 May 1965Housewife [1964]East Ardsley
WalshJames01 November 193325 June 1952Warp Twister [1936]Central
WardLily07 August 194001 November 1945
WardNorrie193822 May 1950Journalist [1946]Mayor
WatsonHenry Hedley23 August 1904d20 July 1929Mill Owner [1923]Mayor
WatsonMayo Marshall01 November 193508 May 1952Woollen Manufacturer [1936]Central
WatsonThomas Crowther26-Nov-189401 November 1901
WealeJohn Louis10 May 195612 May 1960
WebsterRobert Henry192001 November 1923Coach Builder [1923]North
WelhamStuart Anthony13 May 1971FinalSecretary [1973]Birks
WhiteheadArthur23 June 195511 May 1961
WhiteheadJoseph01 April 192801 November 1945Mill OwnerGildersomeOriginally on the Gildersome Council
WhitlingJohn Senior Rawling01 November 1938d10 March 1947Master Cloth Dyer [1946]North
WhittingtonHenry Dawson01 November 1928d25 September 1932Boot and Shoe Maker [1932]North
WigoderSimon28 November 1931r05 April 1950Physician and Surgeon [1932]North
WilkinsonJames1-Nov-18911-Nov-1897Secretary to the Gas Company [1894]
WilkinsonJoseph01 November 1907d17 July 1910Morley Co-op employeeCentral
WilsonAlexander26 November 192109 November 1945Cloth Manufacturer [1923]SouthMayor
WilsonArthur Asquith01 November 194707 May 1953
WilsonBen01 April 193201 November 1944
WilsonGeorge Alexander29 November 194710 May 1956Sales Representative [1954]South
WilsonHarry Smith16 March 1946d09 November 1956Foreman Woollen Spinner [1946]Gildersome
WilsonJohn1-Apr-1886d15-May1891Cloth Manufacturer [1886]North
WilsonJohn05 July 190501 November 1906
WoodArthur12 May 196009 May 1963Cloth Finisher [1961]North
WoodWilliam Oldfield01 November 194501 November 1947Schoolmaster [1946]Gildersome
WoollinAlbert01 April 192710 May 1956Miner [1946]West ArdsleyMayor;on original Ardsley Council
WoollinEdwin Elmsall09 July 196412 May 1966Miner [1964]East Ardsley
WoollinGeorge Richard06 October 1943r28 September 1944
WoollinLily10 May 1956r02 October 1967Fan Corsettiere [1961]West Ardsley
WoollinPeter01 April 1923d05 September 1951Miner [1946]West ArdsleyMayor;on original Ardsley Council
WoollinThomas Edward10 May 1956FinalCivil Servant [1961]West Ardsley
WorrallBenjamin Hale18911-Nov-1892Publican - Queen Hotel [License Rec. - 1891]He died on 1-Dec-1892
WorrallWilliam Cyril23 June 1949r30 March 1953

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