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Most facts have been obtained from Trade directories, but not all establishments in the old Morley Borough were entered in those publications, and the list is intended only as a guide for more detailed studies.

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F First observed entry in a Trade Directory L Last observed entry in a Trade Directory
Kelly 1897 Kelly’s 1897 Trade Directory Pigot 1841 Pigot’s 1841 Trade Directory
Robinson 1905 Robinson’s 1905 Trade Directory White 1853 White’s 1853 Trade Directory
Baines 1822 Baines’ 1822 Trade Directory R. Dennis ‘History on Your Doorstep’
Yearbook 29 Morley Local History Society yearbook    
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Angel Bruntcliffe Rd Built in 1929. Mrs Louise Conyers was the landlady in 1936 (Yearbook 29 has more details
Old Angel Inn 5, Bruntcliffe Rd Opened in the 18th century but closed in a very delapidated condition on 1-July-1929
Shoulder Of Mutton Howdenclough Rd F: Pigot 1841 but believed to be in existence around 1820 if not before.
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Bull and Chain Bull and Chain F and L: Baines 1822.
Commercial 78, Elland Rd According to R. Dennis, there has been a pub on this site since 1750, variously known as The Shuttle (Baines 1822) and The Shoulder of Mutton. As Commercial, F: White 1853
New Inn 18, Elland Rd F: Baines 1830
Old Golden Fleece 37, Elland Rd F: Baines 1822. Known as the Middle Oil
Woodman Dewsbury Road F: Baines 1822.
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Barleycorn Inn Field Head Lane A Beerhouse. F: Baines 1822. Robinson 1905.
Black Bull Inn King Street, Adwalton F: Baines 1822. Pigot 1841. White 1853.
Crown Point Inn   F: Kelly 1897.
Fountain Drighlington F: Baines 1830. White 1853
Gas House Tavern Whitehall Rd Known for many years until recently as the Cockersdale
Malt Shovel Whitehall Rd F: White 1853. Robinson 1905
Mason’s Arms Adwalton F: Baines 1822.
New Inn Bradford Rd F: Baines 1830. Robinson 1905. Pigot 1841.
Painters Bradford Rd  
Queen’s Arms Moor Side, Adwalton F: P.O. Directory 1877. Robinson 1905
Railway   F: P.O. Directory 1877.
Royal Oak Not known F: Baines 1822.
Spotted Cow Drighlington F: Baines 1822. Home of Corky the talking dog in the 1970s.
Steam Plough Inn Station Road Beerhouse mentioned in Robinson 1905.
The Cock Adwalton F: Baines 1822. Pigot 1841. White 1853
Unicorn Moor End, Adwalton F: Baines 1830. L: Robinson 1905. Pigot 1841. White
Valley Inn Drighlington F: P.O. Directory 1877.
Victoria Hotel   F: Pigot 1841
Victoria Mill Drighlington  
Waggon & Horses Adwalton F: Baines 1822. Pigot 1841. Robinson 1905.
White Hart Adwalton John Brooke of the White Hart Hotel was granted a charter to have horse fairs in 1577. These were common here until around 1900. The pub was demolished in 1964.
White Horse Wakefield Road F: Baines 1822. Pigot 1841. Robinson 1905
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East Ardsley
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Bay Horse Inn Bradford Road Dates from 1743, according to John Batty, Ardsley
Bedford Arms Main Street, F: P.O. Directory 1877. Robinson 1905
Black Swan Inn Bradford Rd F: Baines 1822. Now demolished. Robinson 1905.
Bull’s Head East Ardsley F: White 1853
Great Northern Hotel East Ardsley F: P.O. Directory 1877. Robinson 1905
Railway Falls F: P.O. Directory 1877
Railway Hotel Station Lane Robinson 1905
White Hart   F :White 1853.
White Horse Hotel Main Street Robinson 1905 – Beerhouse
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Eagle Gildersome Street Pigot 1841. Eagle 1853.
Griffin Head Inn Branch Rd F: Baines 1822.
Junction Inn The Green F: Baines 1822.
King’s Arms Gildersome St F: Baines 1830. Demolished on 17-May-1968 to make way
for the new motorway
Miners’ Arms Town End F: P.O. Directory 1861.
New Inn Church St F: Baines 1822.
Spread Eagle Gildersome Cross Roads F: Baines 1830. Demolished in May 1968 to make way for
the motorway.
The Mill House Branch End A relatively modern pub-restaurant
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Albert Inn 105 Albert Road F: Kelly 1897. Mentioned in Robinson, 1905 as a Beer retailer
Albion Hotel Bridge St F: P.O. Directory 1861.
Alliance Hotel see Queen Hotel  
Boot and Shoe Town End F: Baines 1830. Pigot 1841.
Now demolished
Borough Arms see Slip Inn  
Brunswick Hotel 9, Brunswick St F: Kelly 1897. Now converted to flats.
Cardigan Arms see Needless  
Carriers’ Arms 70, Bank St Opened in 1857, Beerhouse: Robinson 1905. demolished in March 1964.
Carriers’ Arms Glen Rd Opened 5-April-1966
Commercial Inn 62, Commercial St Pigot 1841. Robinson 1905. ‘1906’ sign over the entrance.
Cross Keys Britannia Rd According to Smith, one of the oldest road houses in the district, First site built in the 18th Century. New building put up in 1904. Later modernisation in the late 20th century.
Dartmouth Arms 1, Victoria Rd Known originally as the White Swan. F: Baines 1822. Pigot 1841: Dartmouth Arms. Marked on the 1854 OS Map. Licence withdrawn 8-Jun-1939. Demolished in September 1945
Fleece Inn 16, Troy Rd Buit in the 17th century before 1640. Closed in June 1956. Demolished in 1958
Fountain Inn Queen St F: Pigot 1841
Gardeners’ Arms Wide Lane Marked in the 1854 OS map.
Robinson 1905: Beerhouse.
Gillroyd Hotel 109, Albert Rd F: Kelly 1897. Demolished in June 1969.
Great Northern Hotel Hunger Hill Licence refused 10-Mar-1936. Then demolished.
Halfway House Britannia Rd Marked in the 1854 OS map.
Hembrigg See The Morley Dashers Robinson 1905 – Beerhouse
Malt Shovel Inn Chapel Hill F: Baines 1822. Closed in the 19th century. Pigot 1841. White 1853. On the site of the present Conservative Club in Morley.
Milton Arms Morley F: Baines 1822. Now demolished
Miners’ Arms 107, Albert Rd New pub opened in 1929
Needless Scotchman Lane Formerly the Cardigan Arms. F: Baines 1822. Its name was changed in 1945 to prevent confusion with that in Ardsley owned by the same brewery.
Nelson Arms Hotel 70, Victoria Rd Built by the Scatcherd family around 1800
Nelson Arms Hotel Troy Hill F, L: P.O. Directory 1877.
New Inn Stump Cross Area F: White 1853.
Prospect Hotel Victoria Rd The Old White Cross inn is mentioned in Pigot 1841. Replaced by the Prospect : F: P.O. Directory 1877. Robinson 1905. Converted to offices in the 1970s.
Queen Queen St, Originally built in the 1870s by Ben Worrall he converted it into a 5 storey pub with music hall entertainment. Later it lost 2 storeys.
Railway Tavern Morley Low Station area F: White 1853
Red Lion Inn Station Road F: Kelly 1897. Robinson 1905: Beerhouse.
Rock Morley No directory information before 1936 when Mrs Ada Conyers was the landlady. Not known if she was related to Mrs Louise Conyers.
Royal Morley Bottoms F: P.O. Directory 1861.
Slip Inn Albion St No directory information before 1936 when F.Howarth was the landlord.
Sportsman 14, Hunger Hill Robinson 1905: Beerhouse. Formerly the Borough Hotel
Springfield Springfield Avenue See The Arkle
Stump Cross Britannia Rd F: Baines 1822. Rebuilt in 1900, a stump of a stone cross here marked the boundary between Morley andWoodkirk for many years.
Sycamore 4 High Street F: Kelly 1897. Robinson 1905. In 1871 William Wass was the publican. After his death his wife Emma Wass took over – 1881 census. By 1891 Emma’s son in law Henry Hartley was the publican.
The Arkle Springfield Avenue The pub opened on 16-February-1967, It was renamed The Springfield from 1988 to 1998 but it then reverted to its original name which it retains still (2019).
The Morley Dashers 66, High St Marked on the 1854 OS Map. Formerly the Hembrigg Inn
Wheatsheaf Inn America Moor Lne F: P.O. Directory 1861. Robinson 1905
Valley Hotel Station Road Built in the 1850s, shortly after Morley Low Station became operational. F: P.O. Directory 1861. Demolished in the 1960s.
Victoria Not known F: Pigot 1841
White Cross see Prospect  
White Horse Howden Clough, Leeds Rd Robinson 1905
White Horse Inn Town End F: Baines 1830. Robinson 1905
White Rose Wide Lane Recently opened near to the White Rose Shopping Centre
White Swan see Dartmouth Arms  
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West Ardsley
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Boot and Shoe Not known F: Baines 1830.
British Oak Westerton Rd Nickname: The Drop. Robinson 1905: Beerhouse. Closed in 1939 due to subsidence and resited on the opposite side of the road.
Bull’s Head Inn Dewsbury Rd Robinson 1905; White 1854.
Cardigan Arms Woodkirk F: Baines 1822. Demolished in 1972 as part of the road widening scheme at Woodkirk.
Hare And Hounds Inn 7, Batley Rd F: White 1853. Also found on 1854 Ordnance Survey map.
Mason’s Arms Not known F: Baines 1822.
New Scarborough Inn Dewsbury Rd, Tingley Robinson 1905: Beerhouse
New White Bear Inn Dewsbury Rd, Tingley Found on 1854 Ordnance Survey map. Rebuilt in 1937 on the same site and then renovated in the 1970s at the time of motorway/roundabout alterations.
Old White Bear Inn Thorpe Lane, Tingley F: Baines 1822. Demolished when Tingley Roundabout was modified for the Motorway
The Royal Oak Inn Church Lane Built around 1730, demolished in May 1938.
Star and Birch Tingley F: White 1853. Located on the 1851 OS map.
The Smithy Westerton Rd Built in the 1950s as a replacement for the Fleece in
Morley by its brewery.
White Horse Not known F: Baines 1822. White 1853.
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