Morley Magistrates 1893-1997

( * also Mayor)

Initiation Name Biographical notes
1-Feb-1893 (later Sir) Charles Scarth  * Woollen Manufacturer and Councillor (1886-1921 [deceased]). Affiliated to Liberals.  Congregationalist.  Mayor 6 times.  Freeman of the Borough – 1903
1-Feb-1893  Oliver Scatcherd  * Solicitor and Councillor (1886-1905 [deceased]). Son of Historian Norrisson, Grandson of Watson Scatcherd.  The Scatcherds were local Squires since C17.
1-Feb-1893  Joseph Schofield  * Woollen manufacturer. The first Mayor of Morley and councillor (1886-1894).  Chairman of the Water Committee of 1889.
1-Feb-1893  John Dixon  * Councillor (1886-1900) and Farmer (at Scholecroft, Scotchman Lane).  Conservative.
1-Feb-1893  David Thackray  * Blacksmith and Councillor (1886-1891).  County Councillor. Lived on Victoria Rd.
1-Feb-1893  William Holton Cloth Manufacturer and Councillor (1886-1897).  Anglican.  Conservative politics.
1-Feb-1893  Samuel Rhodes  * Cloth Manufacturer and Councillor (1886-1917). Mayor 4 times.
1-Feb-1893  Edward Fletcher Scholes Cloth Manufacturer (Quarry Mills) and Councillor (1886-1896 [deceased]).  Anglican (St. Paul’s).  Strong associations with Chamber of Commerce.
1-Feb-1893  Daniel Hinchcliff Member of the First Morley Board (1862). Churwell man.  Liberal.  Wesleyan. Overseer of the Poor.
1-Feb-1893  John William Hepworth The longest serving Morley Magistrate.  Associated with the Junction Dyeworks, Churwell.
1-Feb-1893  Joseph Kirkby Manager of Morley Coop.  Asscociated with this for 28 years.  Congregationalist.
1-Feb-1893  Thomas Sutton Smeeth Iron Merchant. Father was first Superintendent at Queen St Methodists. Conservative. Lived at Croft House (Town End) in 1891 but moved to Ilkley by 1897.
28-Feb-1895 Samuel Stockdale * Woollen manufacturer.  Mayor when Morley received  its Commission of Peace. Councillor (1886-1899 [deceased]).
25-Jan-1897 Edwin Butler Headmaster of St Peter’s Church School.  Retired to Stretford, Manchester. 
25-Jan-1897 Thomas Clough  * Councillor (1886-1902 [deceased]) and Quarry owner.  The last Chairman of the local board.
25-Jan-1897 Hercules Wormald Mining Engineer.  Local agent for Lord Dartmouth. Conservative.  Anglican (St Peter’s).  Killed by lightning near Bridlington, when retired.
09-Dec-1901  Tom Baines Cloth Manufacturer. Conservative. Anglican (St. Andrew’s). Keen sportsman.  On board of governors of Batley Grammar School.
09-Dec-1901  John Walter Binks Joiner and Builder. Councillor. Conservative (1894-1905
[deceased]). Chairman of School Board.
09-Dec-1901  Ezra Holliday Colliery Proprietor. Conservative.  Anglican (St Andrew’s).
09-Dec-1901  Edward Jackson Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1891-1894).  Liberal.
09-Dec-1901  John Henry Smith Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1886-1894; 1900-1915 [deceased]).  Unionist Party sympathies.
03-Aug-1906  Henry Aveyard Check weightman.  President of Morley Co-op and early Labour Party worker.
03-Aug-1906  James Theaker Horsfall Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1894-1927 [deceased]).
03-Aug-1906  Henry Pearson  * Stone Mason. Councillor (1894-1906). Liberal politics.  Cricket enthusiast.  Died whilst in office.
03-Aug-1906  Samuel Sharp A magistrate till his death when 94 years old.  Baptist lay preacher. 
13-Mar-1916  Brian Bradley Barker  * Woollen Manufacturer. Councillor (1902-1948 [deceased]). Director of Morley Mutual Fire Insurance Co.  Given Freedom of the Borough in 1934.
13-Mar-1916  Philip Buckley Consulting Mechanical Engineer. Councillor (1904-1919).  On Waterworks committee and also Technical & Evening Schools committee.
13-Mar-1916  Albert Glover Councillor (1894-1904;1911-1913). Cloth Manufacturer. Director of Ackroyd & Best. Member of School Board.
13-Mar-1916  Benjamin Peel Hepworth  * Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1891-1944 [retired]). Wesleyan Methodist. Active in Chamber of Trade. Brother of John William Hepworth (also a Magistrate)
13-Mar-1916  William Law Ingle  * Self-employed Currier with big factory in Millshaw. Councillor (1900-1906;1908-1921). Member of Yorkshire Archaeological Society.
13-Mar-1916  John Hartley Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1886-1894).  Strong interest in Horticulture.
13-Mar-1916  Walter Stead Cloth Manufacturer.
13-Mar-1916  Thomas Souden Manager of Morley Co-op.
14-Sep-1921  Henry Hedley Watson  * Cloth manufacturer and Coal Merchant. Councillor (1904-1929 [deceased]).
14-Sep-1921  John Stockdale  * Cloth manufacturer.  Mayor 3 times. Councillor (1904-1921 [retired]). Father: Samuel Stockdale (also a Magistrate). Methodist.  Retired to Torquay.
14-Sep-1921  George Edwin Baines Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1901-1907). Brother of Tom Baines (also a Magistrate).
14-Sep-1921  George Wakelin Tailor & Outfitter.  Councillor (1920-1949 [retired]).
14-Sep-1921  Emma Holliday Housewife, Charity/Health Care Worker.  Husband: Ezra Holliday (also a Magistrate)
14-Sep-1921  Louisa Wilson Housewife.  Quaker.  Education Worker. Husband: John Wilson of Wilson & Swallow, Cloth manufacturers.
14-Oct-1921  Walter Walsh Cloth manufacturer.
14-Oct-1921  Thomas King Schofield Grocery Manager, Morley Co-op.
24-Oct-1925 James Askey  * Miner and ex-Regular Army. Wounded 3 times in WW1.  Councillor (1919-1951 [deceased]).  Member of Morley Trade & Labour Council.  Friendly Society worker.
24-Oct-1925 John Samuel Binks Builder and contractor.  Anglican.  Poor Law Guardian.  Conservative.  Father: John Walter Binks (also a Magistrate)
10-Oct-1929  Emily Annie Asquith Headmistress, Peel St. Girls’ School. Special responsibility for the Juvenile Court.
10-Oct-1929  Walter Crowther Atkinson Accountant. President of Batley & Morley Liberal Association.  County Councillor.
10-Oct-1929  Edwin Barrowclough  * Railway Worker.  Long time Labour Councillor(1912-1942 [deceased]).
10-Oct-1929  Dr. Walter Travers Clarke General Practitioner. School Medical Officer for many years.  Lived in Bank House.
10-Oct-1929  Ethel Ingle Housewife. Husband: Cllr L.A. Ingle.  Father: Sir William Middlebrook.
10-Oct-1929  Ernest Kirkby  * Butcher.  Anglican (St. Andrew’s). Councillor(1908-1937).  Education Committee.
10-Oct-1929  Thomas Arthur Marshall  * Cloth Manufacturer.  Councillor (1910-1945 [deceased]).
10-Oct-1929  Ben Simpson Active In Morley Labour Movement.  Councillor (1913-1945).
10-Oct-1929  Joseph Kirk Cloth Manufacturer.  Councillor (1905-1912; 1913-1931 [deceased]).  Played major role in the erection of the Morley War memorial.
03-May-1938 James Barker  * Cloth Manufacturer. Councillor (1936-1964 [retired]). Father: Brian Bradley Barker (also a Magistrate). Territorial Army man.
03-May-1938 Sydney Broadhead Morley Co-op Executive.  Colliery Worker.
03-May-1938 Alfred Horsfall  * Woollen Manufacturer.Councillor (1934-1949 [deceased]). Son of J.T. Horsfall (also a Magistrate).
03-May-1938 Doris May Rhodes Charity (NSPCC and others) Worker.  Methodist.  Husband:  R. Stanley Rhodes, Cloth manufacturer.
03-May-1938 Harold Rhodes  * Woollen Manufacturer. Councillor (1915-1938). Father: Josiah Rhodes of J&S Rhodes.
03-May-1938 Lilian Riley Headmistress, Social And Trade Union Worker. Father: Alderman Matthew Riley.
03-May-1938 Samuel Rushforth Councillor (1915-1945).  Proprietor of the Brickworks.
03-May-1938 Harold Smith  * Dyer in Bruntcliffe. Councillor (1915-1945). Council Waterworks chairman.  President of Morley Conservative Club.  Worker for Children’s Charity.
03-May-1938 Dr Ella Barbara Sykes General Practitioner. Well known social worker. Father: Dr W.Travers  Clarke (also a Magistrate).
03-May-1938 Joseph Whitehead Vice President Of Morley Textile Society.  Councillor (1928-1945). Gildersome man.  Keen cricketer.  Worker for hospital charities.
03-May-1938 Peter Woollin  * Labour Councillor for W.Ardsley (1923-1951 [deceased]). Colliery Worker.  Miners’ Union worker.  Methodist. Charity worker.  Keen interest in W. Ardsley Brass Band.
11-Jun-1942 Alexander Wilson  * Woollen Manufacturer.  Councillor (1921-1945). Chairman of Local National Emergency Committee in 1939.
01-Oct-1948 John Dews  * Labour Councillor (1933-1961 [deceased]). Railway Clerk.
01-Oct-1948 Ernest Bates Director at Ambler’s Mill, Charity Worker.  Vice-President of Gildersome Nursing Association.
01-Oct-1948 Henry Bower Drighlington man. Manager at W&T Avery, Scales Manufacturer.  Special constable in WW2.
01-Oct-1948 Dr Edward Francis Kenny General Practitioner.  Ran St Mary’s First Aid Post in WW2.  Catholic.  Interest in ambulance work.
01-Oct-1948 Humphrey Akeroyd Bradley  * Woollen Manufacturer. Councillor (1934-1956). Organised the AFS in WW2.
01-Oct-1948 (later Sir) Harry Hardy County Councillor. Textile And Wool Waste Manufacturer. Active in the Church (St Peter’s) and Amateur dramatics.
01-Oct-1948 Clara Elizabeth Hepworth  * Morley’s first female mayor. Councillor (1949-1970).  Keen leader of local Girl Guides. Social Worker. Father: B.P. Hepworth
(also a Magistrate).
01-Oct-1948 Joseph Kemp Councillor (1942-1960). Poultry Farmer in Drighlington. MBE for services to the Ministry of Food Advisory Committee.
01-Oct-1948 Rufus Scargill Councillor (1945-1949). Railway worker. Member of Morley branch of NUR.  Served in WW1 for 3 years and as an ARP worker in WW2.
01-Oct-1948 James Walsh Textile Worker before becoming a Grocer. Councillor (1933-1952). President of Morley Trades Council Club.
01-Oct-1948 Williamina Robertson Watson Secretary of Morley NSPCC.  Husband: Cllr Mayo Watson, a coal carrier and woollen manufacturer.
06-Nov-1950  Charles Stinton Councillor (1945-1957).  Railwayman. Lifelong Trade Unionist.  Member of Divisional Education Executive.
06-Nov-1950  Ethel Whitehead Strong association with Liberal Party and Gildersome.  Baptist.  Husband: Joseph Whitehead (also a Magistrate).
28-Apr-1951  Gweneth Mary Barker Social Worker. Served in WAAF In WW2.  From
Mill-owning Family.  Mayoress In 1972-73.
23-Apr-1951  Albert Glover Managing Director at Glen Mills and the Beacon Works. Congregationalist. Vice-President of Morley Cricket Club.
23-Apr-1951  Madeline Garnett Phillips Headmistress of Gildersome Girls’ School. Interested in Road Safety. On the Local Savings Committee.
23-Apr-1951  Rose Emma Woollin Labour Party Worker.  Co-op Director. Governor at Morley Grammar School.  Died at the age of 90 in 1999.
10-Aug-1960 Percy Ingleby Councillor (1953-1965).  Education Administrator.
10-Aug-1960 Rachel Margaret Marshall Housewife, Education Worker.  Husband: T.E. Marshall, cloth manufacturer and Councillor.
10-Aug-1960 Harry Sturgeon Self-employed Builder.
10-Aug-1960 Lily Woollin Labour Councillor (1956-1967) in W.Ardsley.
20-Mar-1962 Jack Fawcett Warehouse foreman at Churwell leatherworks.  Lay preacher on Wesleyan Methodist circuit in Gildersome. Councillor
20-Mar-1962 Isabella Margaret Lawson Wilken Formerly a nurse in Edinburgh and Manchester. Social work (Meals on Wheels).  Husband:  Dr. Wilken of Ardsley.
20-Mar-1962 Arthur Wood Textile worker in finishing department. Conservative councillor (1960-1963).  Youth group work.
20-Mar-1962 Harry Brewster  * Engineering works manager.  Independent councillor with interests in Housing, Sewage.  Keen sportsman.  Charity worker. Councillor (1954-1968 [deceased]).
9-Oct-1967 John Dews Insurance agent.  Trustee at E. Ardsley Methodists. Keen cricketer.  Father: Ald. J. Dews (also a Magistrate)
9-Oct-1967 Leonard Peel Deputy Headmaster at Bruntcliffe Secondary School.  Strong connections at Greenside Methodists.
9-Oct-1967 Alan Schofield Publishing Production manager. Steward at Central Methodist Church. Member of Youth Council.
13-May-1968 Robert Bewick Joiner and carpenter.  Former councillor.  East Ardsley.
13-May-1968 Shirley Mary Binks Housewife. Living in Gildersome. Husband: Councillor J.S. Binks, the last Mayor of Morley before the union with Leeds.
13-May-1968 Connie Clifford Housewife.  Husband: Asst. Production Manager at Yorkshire Egg Packers, Drighlington.
13-May-1968 Joseph William Firth Director of a Roofing contracting firm in Morley.
13-May-1968 Elizabeth Dawson Mackintosh Housewife, living in Morley.  Husband: Albert Mackintosh, joint director of Kenyon’s Corn Merchants.
13-May-1968 Ian David Slack Technical Director of Plasticisers, director of Slack Bros, in Drighlington.
Oct-1970 Dennis Leslie Griffiths Fisher Chief officer at Morley & Batley Co-op.  Morley Civic Society links.
Oct-1970 Anthony Hugh Smith Director of family mungo-shoddy business.  Trustee at Central Methodist Church. Keen cricketer.  President of Morley Music Society.
Sep-1971 Michael Terence Elliott Schoolmaster and Conservative councillor (1969-1974). 
Sep-1971 Barbara Green Independent councillor (1968-71)
Sep-1971 John Graham Inman Independent councillor (1968-71).
Sep-1971 Alan Walton Mechanical engineer. Trade union worker.
1973 Sheila Dixon District nurse.  Councillor (1971-74).
1973 Mary Phillips Private secretary.  Anglican.  Fund raiser for Gildersome Parish Church.
1973 Alan Geoffrey Stockwell Rag and Mungo businessman.
The following were made Magistrates in the period 1977-1999 when Morley was no longer independent of Leeds. The court sessions were still held in Morley, however.
1977 Jeffrey Woollin 1988 Michael Lewis Holliday
1980 Hilda Vivian  Peyton-Lister 1988 Philip Anthony Naylor
1981 James McKenna 1990 Janet Scholes
1981 Margaret Cooper Wilcock 1991 Wendy Barbara Teace
1982 Judith Raby 1991 Marjorie Jane Gracie
1983 Anthony Brooke 1991 Frank Senior Hepworth
1983 Phyllis Andrea Caffoor 1992 Carolyn Ainsworth
1983 Helen Dean 1992 Robert William Gettings
1984 Peter Lyndon Milner 1994 Brian Thomas Scarth
1985 Andrew George Walker 1994 Geoffrey Teale
1985 Sandra Margaret Westwood 1996 Angela Mary Bradshaw
1986 Celine Eleanor North 1996 Eric Drake
1986 Sandra Witchell 1997 Elaine Angela Hollingworth
1988 Kathryn Mary Darby  

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