Stained Glass Windows in the Town Hall

The Town Hall has stained glass windows which were not in the original building.

There are three in the Alexandra Hall. That shown below was contributed in 1922 by Ald. James T. Horsfall. Two others on either side of it were donated by the families of Thomas Arthur Marshall and Brian Bradley Barker.

Window presented by Ald. James T. Horsfall
The window commemorates Ald. Horsfall’s long term service, the growth of textiles and various cultural aspects of Morley.

Earlier, 13 stained glass windows were dedicated on 8 December 1902. According to a report in the Morley Observer on 12 December 1902, Mr Whitham and the Hinch(c)liffs were not present at the ceremony. The windows were designed by Mr ES Watkins of London and made by Mr William Pape of Leeds at a cost of £25 each.

1902 ARCHITECTVRA (Architecture) Mr George Arthur Fox The Architect for Morley Town Hall. Mayor of Dewsbury 1895-96
1902 LVDVS (Sport) Ald Oliver Foster (THC) Member of Morley Town Council from 1889-1902. Manufacturer
1902 AMOR (Love) Mr Richard Borrough Hopkins First Town Clerk of Morley from 1886-1902. Previously Clerk to the Local Board.
1902 AGRICVLTRA (Agriculture) Exors of Ald John Dixon Mayor of Morley 1889-90. Member of Town Council 1886-1900. Farmer
1902 FORTITVDO (Fortitude) Exors of Ald Thomas Clough Last Chairman of the Local Board. Mayor 1891-92. Member of Town Council 1886-1902. Quarry owner
1902 INDUSTRIA (Industry) Ald Charles Scarth (THC) Six times Mayor of Morley. Member of the Town Council 1886-1921. Freeman 1903. Knighted 1914. Manufacturer.
1902 MVSICVS (Music) Ald David Thackray Mayor of Morley 1888-89. Town councillor 1886-91. County councillor 1891. Blacksmith.
1902 JVSTITIA (Justice) Ald William Middlebrook (THC) Mayor of Morley 1904-5. Lord Mayor of Leeds 1910-11. Liberal MP for South Leeds. Solicitor.
1902 PROSPERITAS (Prosperity) Ald Albert Glover Served on the Town Council 1894-1904 and 1911-13. Manufacturer. (Glen Mills)
1902 SAPIENTIA (Wisdom) Cllr Benjamin Hirst (THC) Member of first Town Council 1886 to his death 1903. Manufacturer.(Perseverance).
1902 PATIENTIA (Patience) Mrs James Barker in memory of her late husband Member of first Town Council 1886 to his death 1895. Manufacturer. (Deanfield Mills)
1902 VERITAS (Truth) Mrs William B Jackson in memory of her late husband Prominent Morley manufacturer since 1860 when founded W & E Jackson with his brother. (Peel Mills)
ASPERATIO (Aspiration) John Hinchliffe Manufacturer. Hinchcliffes were associated with Field Hembrigg and Providence Mills.
*CARITAS (Charity) Mrs John Wilson and family Member of the first Town Council 1886 to his death in 1891. Manufacturer. Melbourne Mills and Highfield Mill (Gildersome)
1902 PROVIDENTIA (Providence) Daniel Hinchcliff Member of Morley’s first Local Board (1862) and also one of its first magistrates (1893)
*ARS (Art) Mr Samuel Whitham No details available. “In Remembrance of pleasant years lived in Morley” inscribed on window.
1913 *SCIENTIA (Science) Ald William Law Ingle (Probably installed about the time of Asquith’s Freedom visit) Host to H H Asquith when given Freedom of the Borough. Three times Mayor of Morley 1911 1912 and 1913. W L Ingle made Freeman in 1936.

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